You have found a valuable resource for preparing your students for our global twenty-first century.  Often schools lose effectiveness because the different elements aren’t synergized by design, and the exhausting work of teachers and leaders yields disappointing results.  In this website you will find how ISL works with district leaders, school leaders and teachers to develop and implement a cohesive design and practice in which each element of instruction and school life is supported and reinforced by all the others.

You will also find how ISL’s unique expertise can help district leaders, school leaders and teachers to frame students’ learning experiences that develop global competencies as they prepare for post-secondary choices.  The world presents unfathomable opportunities for our young adults if they are prepared with the knowledge, skills, awareness, and attitudes to address global challenges.  We need young citizens trained and capable of making this world a better place, both internationally and in our communities, as our very neighborhoods are increasingly touched by global realities and influences.

If you are interested in making a powerful difference for your students in preparing them for these opportunities, you might be asking questions like these:

  • How can our students gain authentic international learning?
  • How can our teachers address specific skills and predispositions needed for global competence at the same time our schools are held accountable for meeting standards-based proficiencies?
  • How can international learning be woven into the fabric of a school and its instruction so that it is not just an add-on?

ISL provides a range of services that can support districts, schools, and teachers to answer these questions and bring those answers into practice.  To this end ISL services include:

  • School and program design guidance
  • Professional development and training
  • Ongoing executive and instructional coaching that follows up the training


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