How to determine the ring size

June 05, 2023

Do you need to buy a ring and don't know the size? There are ways to measure a finger, even secretly from the future owner. The size is the diameter of the ring, which is measured in millimeters. The usual difference between the sizes of products is 0.5 millimeters. For example, 17.0 - 17.5, etc.

The easiest way to determine the ring size is in any jewelry store. Even consultants on will easily be able to measure the finger and determine the exact size. It is better to do the procedure three times because the size must change several times during the day.

Каблучка з бурштином

If you are still worried, you can buy an ordinary inexpensive ring and wear it for a while, making sure, in this way, how comfortable such a model is for you, how tightly it fits you, whether the selected size fits, whether it does not fall off, does not press.

You should not try on the ring in the morning, as the fingers will most likely still be swollen after the night: the accumulated liquid still remains in the body. Swelling can also occur after sports and during menstruation. The size of the fingers can also change due to hot or too cold weather. You need to finally decide on the size in complete peace and at a normal body temperature.

In order to correctly measure the size of the ring, two sample gauges are used. Some are used for narrow rings, others - for wide ones. The "diameter" tool itself is made of several rather thin rings, about 3 mm wide.

When trying on samples, you need to let us know the width of the ring you need, so the fitters can make the correct size allowance. For rings with a width of 8 mm or more, it is better to choose a ring a quarter or half the size larger.


How to determine the size of a lover's ring?

Do you want to give your girlfriend a ring, but you don't know the right size? The most reliable way will be to discreetly take her ring and go with it to the store, where you can easily pick up a new one based on the sample you brought. There are several other ways to choose. Take her ring and trace it with a pencil on the paper along the inner edge. You can also roll the paper into a tube and put a ring on it. Fix the tight fitting of the tube, and the jeweler will easily be able to determine the required size.

If such methods do not suit you, then you can put her ring on your finger as far as possible, and remember or mark this place. In the store, measure the circumference of the finger on this mark and determine the required size. When choosing jewelry, measure it on the same finger.

How to find out the size of a ring on a finger - table

You can more accurately determine the size of the ring yourself using the tables. Print the image and check the scale with a ruler.

  • Attach your ring to the samples in the picture. Choose the most accurate diameter match on the inside of the ring, not the outside. When choosing between two samples, give preference to the larger size.
  • Take a piece of thread that does not stretch. Ordinary paper cut to a width of 3-4 mm can also be suitable. Wrap the string or paper tightly around your finger, but don't pull it too tight. Then mark the point of coincidence on the material. Attach the resulting segment to the proposed strips and determine your size. In this option, also, hesitating with the choice, it is better to choose a larger size.
  • Print and cut along the contour of the size tape. Make a slit along the indicated line, and then twist the paper. Put the tape on the finger being measured and pull the tip of the paper through the slot so that it fits snugly against the finger. Look at the last number on the scale, it will indicate the correct answer to the question: "How to determine the size of the ring."

There are situations when the ring you have has become too big or too small. This is normal, because a person can improve and lose weight during his life, and the size of the finger changes accordingly. Do not despair, because the size of the product can be changed. The procedure of rolling rings is performed in almost all jewelry stores and workshops. Most rings can be stretched or compressed invisibly, without a seam.

In the case of a ring with inserts, the procedure will be complicated by the additional strengthening of the stone in the setting. The only problem will be if your product is engraved. Then the procedure will irreversibly spoil the inscription.