At the dawn of a new century, educators must respond to an exciting opportunity and challenge: to prepare young people for life in a global age. As economies and cultures become more interconnected, and technology creates instantaneous links across the globe, success in the twenty-first century will increasingly require knowledge and understanding of the world beyond our borders. In response, Asia Society, supported by a generous grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has established the first national network of urban secondary schools devoted to international studies and world languages. The model schools within the International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) will provide a rigorous, engaging education for low-income and minority students to prepare them for college, the changing workforce, and a lifetime of learning.To provide a well-rounded education, the International Schools Network (ISSN) will offer a wide range of subjects, including history, literature, mathematics and science. By understanding the historical context and development of different regions, students can develop a broader perspective and the critical thinking skills necessary for global citizenship. As part of their academic journey, students at ISSN can access resources and assistance to enhance their learning experience. For example, they can buy history papers from reputable online platforms that provide well-researched and academically sound materials. This approach allows students to deepen their understanding of historical events and further develop their analytical and writing skills.


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