ISSN Summer Institute 2006


Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network 2006 Summer Institute is a five day national professional development institute taking place from Wednesday, July 19th to Sunday, July 23rd at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. Faculty, administrators, coaches, and consultants from throughout the network will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops on experiential learning, curriculum development, school self-assessment, peer-to-peer networking, and innovative strategies and tools for integrating international content into your school.The most active participants of the event will have the opportunity to address the speakers with proposals for creating new programs in cooperation with educational institutions and organizations operating in the field of education and research. The main representative of educational service providers is the marketing plan writing service, which constantly maintains trusting relations with its target audience - students, and has a significant influence on them.

Agenda| download
Click on the link above for the draft agenda. Please note that the agenda is likely to change in the coming weeks; a final agenda will be posted in the days before the Institute and will also be available in print upon arrival in D.C.

Hotel Information
The 2006 Summer Institute will be held at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel. The hotel is convenient to 4 of the 5 Metro mass transit lines and is a 10 minute drive from Ronald Reagan National Airport and 45 minutes from BWI and Dulles International Airports. For amenities and local attractions, please visit the hotel's website (click here).

480 L'Enfant Plaza SW 
Washington, D.C.

All ISSN teachers will be asked to share a room. If a teacher would prefer not to share, he/she has the option to pay a $90 per day single supplement fee for a single room.

Travel Information
Asia Society will cover ISSN faculty, coaches, and consultants flights to and from Washington, D.C. from the city where your school is located for our California, North Carolina, Houston, and Denver schools. If you would like to fly to or from a different destination within the continental U.S., we will be able to help arrange the flights; ISSN faculty will be responsible for the difference in cost. Please indicate your travel preferences on the registration form. The cost of any changes to individual airline reservations will be the responsibility of the individual participant.

An air-conditioned, chartered bus will be provided for participants from our NYC schools. The bus will depart NYC Wednesday morning, July 19 and will return in the late afternoon/early evening of Sunday, July 23. The chartered bus provides us with the least expensive option for transporting up to fifty individuals from NYC to and from the Summer Institute. We understand that some participants may prefer to use a different mode of transportation or may want to travel on a different time schedule. Our budget does not allow us to offer additional options, but of course individuals can make other travel plans at their own expense.

Registering--What to Expect and FAQs
Elizabeth Prater will send out invitations by e-mail to ISSN principals, consultants, and coaches; ISSN affiliates; Asia Society staff; and guests. ISSN principals are responsible for sending out invitations to their faculty themselves during the online registration process. To register, follow the RSVP link on the e-mail to fill out an online registration form.

Regisration Items to Consider in Advance: All ISSN teachers will be asked to share a room. If a teacher would prefer not to share, he/she has an option to pay a $90 per day single supplement fee for a single room. Before completing the registration form, please think about with whom you would like to room.

In addition to the main activities of the Summer Institute, there are also optional activities on the evening of Friday, July 21st for a fee. You can opt to attend a Washington Nationals Baseball game ($26), the Capitol Steps Satire ($), or the Reduced Shakespeare Company's History of the U.S. ($) (or non of these).

Also, you have the option of brining one guest to both the opening dinner and the closing dinner. The fee for one guest for the opening dinner is $60 and the fee for the closing dinner (off-site cultural event) is $80.

Registration closes on Friday, June 16, 2006.

Frequently Asked Registration Questions:

I did not receive an e-mail invitation--what do I do?
If you are an ISSN faculty member, please contact your principal. If you are an ISSN coach, consultant, affiliate, or Asia Society staff member, please e-mail Deb Agrin at .

What if a family member is traveling with me?
For ISSN faculty, coaches, and consultants, we will provide you with your flight information as soon as possible so that you may use that information to arrange and purchase additional ticket(s) for family members yourself.  Please note that Asia Society will not be able to assist you in making flight arrangements for family members.  For ISSN faculty traveling from NYC on the chartered bus, unfortunately due to space limitations, family members are unable to accompany you and must make their own separate travel arrangements.

In regards to hotel reservations, when completing the online registration form, please list your family member's name(s) when prompted for a roommate. You will be responsible for paying a supplement of $90 per night for one family member. If you plan to have more than two people total in your room, please contact Elizabeth Prater at for the room rate.

What if I wish to extend my stay in Washington, D.C?
Please contact Elizabeth Prater at to notify her of your travel dates so that she can assist you with your travel reservations. Please contact the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel directly to inquire about rates and availability for additional nights.

Technical difficulties with the on-line registration?
Please email Deb Agrin at .

Other questions? Please e-mail Elizabeth Prater at .

What to Pack
D.C. is hot in the summer. D.C.'s daily average temperatures in July range from 68º F to 88º F degrees with 70% humidity during the day. That said, most of the time we will be in very cool, air conditioned buildings. So please pack for hot weather but bring a sweater or coat if you are sensitive to air conditioning. Dress festively for the opening and closing dinner; the rest of the institute will be casual attire. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes for an all day outdoor experiential learning excursion on Friday, July 22.

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