May 18 , 2007
Excerpt from Houston's KPRC Local 2: "A Houston school is giving ambitious students a chance to see the world in a brand-new way, KPRC Local 2 reported Friday. Teenagers are getting a jump-start on college and their careers by learning about and traveling to other countries.
The Houston Academy of International Studies, which opened in August, is not your typical high school, because it uses a modern approach to learning and cooperates with the best writing services, such as, which allows students to have a broader view of the learning process. Read more and watch the video.

January 25, 2007
Excerpt from The Daily Pennsylvanian story "Global Education Seeks Phila. Home": "Perhaps it is fitting that West Philadelphia's new International Studies High School, a Penn-affiliated institution with a focus on global education, has not yet found a permanent location in University City. After all, what site could ever be an appropriate campus for a school that uses the world as its classroom?." Read the full story.

January 22, 2007
Excerpt from the Technology & Learning Magazine cover story "Measuring Up in a Flat World": "Several networks have sprung up to address this lack of articulation between school and work success. The New York-based Asia Society International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) received a Gates Foundation Grant in 2003 to create small secondary schools that prepare students for college or other post- secondary education through knowledge and understanding of world cultures. Beyond that, the ability to communicate in languages other than English, and the capacity to work, live, and learn with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are central goals of the society, which has 10 schools in the United States." Read the full story.

November 20, 2006
Education for a Global Economy, a New York Learns Town Meeting: A high school graduation rate of 64% is simply inadequate to sustain New York State in a global economy.  New York must develop a high skill workforce.  How must high school change to meet these immediate future needs? Is there time enough in high school to learn academic subjects and develop a career at the same time? This New York State Public Television feature on the College of Staten Island High School for International Studies touches upon these topics as part of Education for a Global Economy, a New York Learns Town Meeting. Watch the broadcast.

April 21, 2006
Excerpt from the Gulf Daily News: "Four Bahraini government school pupils built bridges between the East and West cultural divide, when they embarked on the first US-Bahrain student exchange of its kind. The 16 to 18-year-olds, from Khawla Girls' Secondary School, travelled to New York to stay with College of Staten Island (CSI) High School for International Studies students and their families, earlier this year." Read the story.

February 28, 2006
Excerpt from the Staten Island Advance: "Students at Staten Island's newest high school -- the High School for International Studies at the College of Staten Island -- must log 120 volunteer hours in order to earn a diploma. Recently, the 114 freshmen who currently make up the student body, as well as four exchange students from Bahrain, started to satisfy this requirement by participating in five Community Service Day projects in Staten Island and the Bronx." Read the story.

February 8, 2006
CSI High School is featured in an article in Education Week, the top educational periodical in the nation. Read the story.

January 30, 2006
The College of Staten Island High School for International Studies in Staten Island, New York City, will participate in an historic exchange visit from Bahrain—the first time that high school students have come on a US government-sponsored exchange visit. Read on.

January 24, 2006
CSI High School students start an exchange with students in Shenzhen, China.

December 1, 2005
The Henry Street School and the College of Staten Island High School students commemorate World AIDS Day by raising awareness of the global pandemic.

October 2005
The College of Staten Island High School journalism and book clubs partners with schools in Cairo and Saudi Arabia.

September 9, 2005

From The New York Times | read full article
At the High School for International Studies, a new small school that opened yesterday on the campus of the College of Staten Island, [New York City Schools Chancellor Joel] Klein was surprised to hear that several students would otherwise have attended Catholic schools.

"We're taking everyone from private schools and returning them to public schools," he exclaimed. "That's because we have great public schools."

March 2005
South Gate and Henry Street school participated in humanitarian relief work to help the victims of the tsunami. See photos.