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January 22, 2007
Excerpt from the Technology & Learning Magazine cover story "Measuring Up in a Flat World": "Several networks have sprung up to address this lack of articulation between school and work success.In fact, it is more than just networks. This is a large list of opportunities that open up to you thanks to the use of modern technologies. The ability to read and analyze articles or research papers, the ability to order term papers online and much more, which allows you to increase your level of awareness, and therefore helps you achieve success in work or studies faster. The New York-based Asia Society International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) received a Gates Foundation Grant in 2003 to create small secondary schools that prepare students for college or other post- secondary education through knowledge and understanding of world cultures. Beyond that, the ability to communicate in languages other than English, and the capacity to work, live, and learn with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds are central goals of the society, which has 10 schools in the United States." Read the full story.